Posted by: markhowell101 | May 15, 2010

Wiki revision guides.

Similar to my last post, using Wiki’s may for many people be a day to day activity. But for me it is something which was unknown until this year and something which certainly represents a great success of this year. I thought I would share on here how they have been used in my classroom this year.

Initially I showed my year 10 class this video in order to get them to understand the concept of wiki’s and how they worked. Then I ran a quick demonstration on my wiki site to get them used to the idea of using and editing it. I then set a couple of tasks based on the Wiki tags ideas found here as ‘ to consolidate their understanding of wiki’s. As it was the start of the year on a new course the enthusiasm was high and so participation was good.

Once this initial knowledge was built up I was able to begin to use my Wiki as I had initially intended, as a bank on information about case studies. Within every GCSE geography course there are a number of case studies that students must know (specific examples of events within geography which students must recall in an exam) and these can be difficult to remember and learn. What makes this more difficult is that clearly teachers are able to teach their own case studies based on personal knowledge, however, when it comes to revision, revision guides will tend to deliver different case studies to me. I have noticed in the past that this can lead to students learning both my initial example given to them in class and the one in their revision guide. Whilst I encourage the use of revision guides I wanted them to begin to ignore the case studies in them and try to recall the ones taught by me.

I therefore paired all the students up and as each case study was taught in the case each pair in turn was asked to go away and produce a wiki article on the case study. Over the 2 years each group will have produced 1 and have access to everybody else’s to aid revision. This idea has actually born fruit a year early as I took over a year 11 group at Christmas who have struggled to remember many of their case studies for early in the course. The Wiki’s constructed by my year 11’s have become a one stop shop for their case study revision offering them all they need to know for their exam.

The Wiki’s have been approached very well all year with the quality of work being very high. I thoroughly recommend this to all geography teachers as this is a very low maintainance way of getting students to create their own revision guide as they go. Defiantly a top ten success of the year.

As ever, questions and comments well appreciated.


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