Posted by: markhowell101 | January 2, 2011

Learning how to relax

Since starting teaching I have found the art of fully relaxing very difficult to master. This was not a problem during my University years where full days spent playing Mario Kart or Micro Machines, indoor cricket, recovering  from nights out and watching test matches were very common. However since starting teaching I have found that because there is always something to do and I find myself spending significant amounts of my weekends and holidays working pretty hard. Previously during school holidays I have been spending time rewriting or writing schemes of work, planning assessments, catching up on admin and planning the first couple of weeks worth of lessons and spending little time relaxing.

Having just had a very long term and with a long one to come (espeically with a ski trip during Feb half term which will be great but not a typical holiday) I felt that this Christmas I needed to have some down time. Added to this is that fact that I spent a week of this holiday at my parents house where, not surrounded by my office, I found it much easier to switch off.

So for once this holiday I have tried to do as little work as possible. This has involved disrupted sleeping patterns due to the Ashes, several nights out with old friends from school for Christmas and my birthday, many lazy evenings with my parents and my partner, days out in Birmingham and a few runs through the snow. Only in the last 2 or 3 days of the holiday have I started to return to work and I have found it very difficult to get into it, where normally there would be no problem.

Whilst I may suffer over the next few weeks, right now I for once feel like I have had a genuine rest and am really looking forward to going back on Tuesday.



  1. Glad to hear it! I feel the same, it is only in the last few months that I have felt able to take longer periods off thinking about teaching. I think it makes a big difference though. Although I may return to work slightly less prepared, I do so recharged and enthused again about what I am doing.

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