Posted by: markhowell101 | August 6, 2011

Anticipating my first results (properly)

As a student I never worried about exam results but as a teacher I have quickly found that I get very apprehensive about how my students do. Having now been at my school for 2 years my first meaningful results day is approaching and I felt I would reflect on the 2 years before I see the results. Whilst I had a year 11 group last year I inherited them half way through year 11 and whilst they did well and I was able to take some of the congratulations for this, clearly much of the credit needs to go to my predecessor. This time my GCSE students have been with me for the entire 2 years and it would be nice to build on the success of last year.

Initially the signs for this group were not so great, in terms of both work ethic in year 10 and in terms of ability they are just slightly below my previous group and so I had expected their results in the controlled assessment and DME to be slightly worse. However the DME results were reasonable and after 2 months of hard work on DME’s the results in January were outstanding (40% A* and A and only 4 resits needed, will take that any day) so I am hopeful that this performance will continue into the January exam. We also worked hard on the final aspects of the course through the last 2 terms and did a lot of really productive revision.

I hope the results are good as almost half of them are looking to continue Geography on at AS Level and I feel like they deserve to do well. Its also not often I say this but I feel like I deserve a good set of results too, I feel like I got my teaching just right for this group over the 2 years and have really maximised their knowledge, understanding and exam know how. This was confirmed to me in the last week of term when I received notification that my GCSE group had nominated me for a national teaching award. Whilst I was so pleased with this it means nothing if the results are not good.



  1. “Whilst I was so pleased with this it means nothing if the results are not good.”

    What rubbish! It means everything that after 2 years of you as their teacher they felt moved to make this effort for you! In my opinion, far more than how they perform in one exam. In anyone’s opinion surely it means more than nothing!

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