Posted by: markhowell101 | November 2, 2013

Land Art, Seychelles style

For a while I have been meaning to take the time out to do something different with regards to fieldwork. I am getting pretty adept at the traditional geography data collection type fieldwork but wanted to try something with a more creative edge. Recently at school we collapsed the timetable for a week of lessons with an environmental focus and this gave me the chance to do this. The original inspiration for this came from the Geosculpture page of the Staffordshire Learning Net and the work of Andy Goldsworthy and Richard Long. Luckily my head is also an artist and had completed work of this kind in the past. He was therefore able to give me some wisdom on how best to carry it out.

We started with a short class session where we showed some work of the artists above. We told the students that the work would not be permanent but that they would take photos which would last forever. As an added incentive we said that the best 3 would be made into canvasses and put onto my classroom wall. We chose to do the work on the beach as it sort of presented a blank canvas on which to work. When we arrived at the beach the students were briefed and given 20 minutes to scavenge for materials. Many students already had ideas on arrival but we stressed that they could not make firm decisions on what to do until they had the materials. They then had to sketch a plan of what they wanted the work to look like and consider what to use for each element. They then had 2 hours to create their work, scavenge for any additional materials and photograph. As a follow up they spent some class time selecting the best photo and editing it to be entered into the competition for the best 3.

Below are the best results, see what you think:



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